Growing to the sound of music

Musician Carlos Marcelo Martinez1 blends his life as a musical performer with his work as a home childcare provider.

Thirteen years ago, he opened a subsidized home childcare centre in Saint-Jérome, to pass on his passion for music to young children.

“In my home country, Argentina, I was a music teacher for children 3 to 5 years old. When I arrived in Québec, I gave music workshops, but I found it difficult to travel from one place to another, selling my services. However, I got to know the business. So I decided to open my own childcare centre to teach my own group of kids and continue to do what I love,” he says.

Although the activities in his centre are varied, music plays a key role in his approach with the little ones under his care.

“The atmosphere is creative, musical. Nearly every day we improvise songs, play instruments, such as small guitars or indigenous South American instruments. Children can learn everything through music. It’s a great starting point for virtually any learning,” he adds.

Carlos Marcelo Martinez

On tour during his holidays

In addition to caring for little ones, Carlos Marcelo Martinez continues his musical career, playing mostly near his home and planning longer tours during his annual holidays. “On statutory holidays, I book smaller tours, such as in Abitibi.”

Parents appreciate his musical approach to teaching. In fact, his clientele usually find him through word of mouth. “Often, parents find my being an artist who plays in front of a public an advantage. Plus, when parents come to visit my daycare, I always introduce them to my family. I believe it’s important. It shows the type of person I am,” he adds.

Apprehensive about the future

Despite his success, Carlos Marcelo Martinez worries about the future of his subsidized home childcare centre because of the opening of new and much larger private daycares.

“Many home childcare centres like mine are closing or are in danger of closing. Yet, I don’t believe the larger private daycares can offer the same quality of service as we do,” he concludes.

1 Carlos Marcelo Martinez is a member of the Alliance des intervenantes en milieu familial Laurentides (ADIM Laurentides-CSQ).

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