Just between us

Does anyone still doubt the arduous working conditions in education and health and social services? Has anyone not heard the cries for help? Overwork, precarity, burnout… Yet, the government denies these problems and defends its track record as necessary, even right and proper, while managers continue to support these inhumane policies…

Suffering in the workplace has a thousand faces, and when we hear the disturbing testimonies of those experiencing it, it’s impossible not to feel outraged. You might say this phenomenon is nothing new, but it continues to grow and transform into a form of accepted normality.

Contrary to what we are led to believe, this outcome is not the result of workers who are unable to better organize their duties. Rather, it is the result of management practices and recurring budget cuts in education and health and social services.

It is therefore for this reason that we must shift our attention from what we can do individually to what we can do collectively to change things. Only then will the power of action take on its full meaning!

Giving the power back to the workers has become so critical that it will be at the core of our Congress this June, and of our actions in the coming months. The current electoral context will also allow us to assert our demands for better working conditions and more decent living conditions, in addition to urging candidates to champion for stronger public services and increased recognition of public sector workers.

Just between us, my final message

Earlier this spring, I announced that I would not be renewing, during our Congress, my mandate as president of our Centrale. Representing you has been a tremendous source of pride for me. I wish you great courage and determination in upcoming battles for the rightful advancement of your rights and working conditions.

I chose and have always believed in a unionism of ideas, demands and actions. More than ever, I believe in its relevance and rightfulness, particularly in the current neoliberal context.

This unionism will endure as long as we continue to draw our strength from collective action to change our working conditions and improve society as a whole. Moreover, this union vision is – and will always be – a guarantee of our continued pursuit of the mission of our beautiful and big centrale.

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